Cosmetic Dentists in Clifton

Cosmetic Dentists in Clifton are expert in what they do: transforming your smile. Do you feel confident in giving someone a big warm smile with teeth exposed? If not, then cosmetic dentistry is for you. Tooth whitening is one of the least invasive of the procedures used to transform your smile. It used to be called “teeth bleaching”, and it works wonders to remove discoloration and/or staining on the teeth. Not everyone’s teeth can undergo the bleaching process, so it is necessary to get a consultation from your dentist first. Tooth whitening is best carried out under the supervision of experienced cosmetic dentists in Clifton, so don’t try the home remedy packs for tooth whitening that can be found at most grocery stores. Dental tooth whitening by a professional is recommended.

Cosmetic Dentists Offices Offer Safe Cosmetic Procedures Including Botox Treatment
By []Laine McKenna

When you think of going to the dentist, you probably think of x-rays, cavity checks, fillings, and extractions – not a full-fledged cosmetic institute offering procedures to enhance your appearance.

But in a world where brighter, whiter smiles frequently get more job interviews, increased sales, audition call-backs, company promotions, and dinner invitations from the opposite sex, it’s easy to see why Orange County Dentists are offering more and more cosmetic dental procedures.

Orange County Cosmetic Dentists make up a large sum of the dental clinics in greater Los Angeles. Their services include teeth whitening, Invisalign, porcelain veneers, lumineers, dental implants, and all-porcelain crowns. Some are even extending their services to include anti-aging procedures like Botox and Restylane.

Cosmetic dental offices have begun to offer Botox and Restylane in order to meet the demands of their patients. Patients come to them for a better-looking smile, so the areas around the face, such as frown lines, should be included too, right?

Dentists offices are also offering these procedures in response to the horror stories of unlicensed “physicians” performing these procedures in private homes, in poorly-lit vans, or even across the border in Mexico. Offering these procedures in a doctors’ office, with medically-trained professionals, allows for the safest possible treatment, and can prevent infection and illness.

In 2004, four people became paralyzed in Oakland Park, Florida, after botched Botox injections. The four victims were hospitalized with severe botulism poisoning. They regained movement in their faces again, but the agony of it all, which included a federal investigation wasn’t worth getting a “better deal.”

The investigation led to bigger crackdowns on illegal Botox, which resulted in 31 arrests and 29 convictions in 2008.

Even salons and spas may claim legitimacy, but it doesn’t mean that the procedures are, in fact, being performed in a medically-sterile environment, by a board certified physician, and licensed to perform Botox and Restylane injections.

According to a report published by The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), in 2009, nearly 11.5 people in the U.S. received cosmetic surgical and non-surgical procedures, with Botox being the most popular non-surgical procedure among patients.

While there appears to be no slow-down in this ever-growing trend, people must educate themselves when it comes to their medical care. Although these procedures are deemed ‘cosmetic’ they still must be performed by medical doctors and only doctors. []Orange County Dentist []Costa Mesa Dentist
Article Source: [] Cosmetic Dentists Offices Offer Safe Cosmetic Procedures Including Botox Treatment

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