Cosmetic Dentist in Clifton

Cosmetic Dentist in Clifton often use crowns, also referred to as caps, to treat teeth that have been poorly shaped or have become severely decayed. Crowns can cover large fillings or be used to cover spaces in between teeth. What are crowns made out of? Usually crowns are composed of acrylic or porcelain which has been fused to metal so that it can withstand the pressure of biting. The term composite refers to the porcelain or acrylic bonded to metal, thus creating a beautifully white yet strong substance for cosmetic dentistry. Dental crowns are a widely used form of cosmetic dentistry, with their early beginnings dating to about 200 AD when the Etruscans used gold for restorative as well as fashion dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry has come a long way since these early procedures were first performed. Cosmetic dentist in Clifton  now have a variety of latest technology at their fingertips.

Do You Want To Know What A Cosmetic Dentist Does?
By []Linda True

A cosmetic dentist can perform procedures that make your teeth look white and healthy. The work of a cosmetic dentist doesn’t affect your health but it can make you feel better about yourself. A general dentist can fill your tooth; clean them, extract a tooth, and perform a root canal.

Discoloration of the teeth is something that embarrasses most people but yet it is easily preventable. What you eat or drink can discolor your teeth as well as smoking or chewing tobacco. In order for a cosmetic dentist to whiten your teeth you will have a few options to choose from. Your cosmetic dentist may recommend porcelain veneers that will fit firmly against your teeth in order to coat them with white porcelain. This procedure will require that the dentist make a mold of your teeth in order to create a firm fit of your teeth. Your dentist will need to remove some of your natural enamel from your teeth in order to make them fit closer together and to help them bond better.

A cosmetic dentist can also reshape your teeth and make them either longer or shorter depending on what you want. They can also round off teeth that may be pointed. If you have some teeth missing you may benefit from a bonded bridge. This procedure is a permanent alternative to false teeth.

A gum lift is also another procedure that can be performed by a cosmetic dentist. This type of procedure cuts a part of the the gum line for those people that have a large part of gum showing, when they talk or smile.

Dental implants are another choice that dentists can perform. This type of procedure includes adding titanium screw that fits into the jaw bone. The implant holds the false tooth into place allowing you to eat or drink as you want to. You never have to worry about your teeth coming out when you eat something in particular.

No matter what type of procedure you have done, a dentist can cost you a lot of money. However if you have a better smile that you can be proud of, you may think that it is worth it. If you have dental insurance you may find that it will pay for some of these procedures or it may pay for all of them.

Cosmetic dentists go to college longer so they can specialize in treating the look of the teeth. With cosmetic dental procedures, you will be proud to smile and want others to notice it too. Smiling can change the way that everyone feels in a room. Smiling is contagious and can impact the way that your conversation goes. When you choose a cosmetic dentist, they will be able to assist you in preventive care as well. This includes cleaning, filling, and other procedures that you usually get from a general dentist. However if your cosmetic dentist doesn’t do this work, you may need to find a general dentist to care for those needs and leave all cosmetic work to your cosmetic one.
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Article Source: [] Do You Want To Know What A Cosmetic Dentist Does?

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